sábado, 28 de marzo de 2015

Twin Day

My daughter and her girlfriend of the same first name have decided to dress up alike tomorrow for 'Twin Day'.  Yesterday, her friend came over to size up her wardrobe and to compare.

The realized that they have nothing (that would work) that is identical.  I did not see a reason to go out and purchase a new outfit just for the day, nor could I afford it ('cause it would have had to come out of my fabric budget!!!!).

I let them know that I would happily personalize t-shirts for them, with supplies I already had on hand.  Supplies contained 2-colors of iron on film, 2-white t-shirts, 1-Circut Expressions and 1-very hot iron.

Here is the success of my labors, kinda Suess don't ya think?

Now, I am just waiting for my daughter to get home from school so I can see her reaction.  Personally I am tickled with my results.

And my daughter LOVED them!  I even made up these cute little bows to go with them.

Here is the photo of my daughter ready for school.