domingo, 28 de junio de 2015


There is definitely to the saying, "You can NEVER have too much fabric!"  The JoAnn's near me is moving to a much large location the first week of February, so the store has had a perpetual sale on for a month.  I happened to pop in there today (knowing the close was close) for some hardware pieces.

 I had no luck on the hardware but as I cruised the last few aisles of fabric bolts left, I noticed that they were marked down but not quit what I had hoped.  Being never the shy one I asked about the price.  I was giddy when the girl told me that the fabric was 90% off the lowest marked price!!!

Forget my twenty dollar budget, I started grabbing.  I ended up with approximately 75 yards of fabric, some I had been eyeing for months.  Half of my take was originally 12.99/yd originally.  I won't tell you how much I spent (in case it gets back to my hubby - okay, what the hey!) I spent $83 and change and saved over $640.00 by the time I waked to the car.

I am still a little lightheaded with giddiness.  I have all sorts of plans, mainly purses, pillows and jumpers.  I could have easily have filled up the back in of my SUV with bolts but the wallet was already hot.

 Most of the quilting fabrics had been picked over or moved to the new store.  I think it will last me the week (plus) till the new store opens.   Only, I forgot, I still have to go somewhere for the hardware!

sábado, 9 de mayo de 2015

Spring Break or what??

Spring Break has sprung up and surprised me!  It is the kiddos last day before the break and I have nothing planned so I am sitting here brainstorming. Last night I was surfing around my favorite blogs and Skip to my Lou had a post on the printables that she had her kids practice on at the sewing machine.

My brainstorming has netted me the idea of giving my kids a sewing class where we will make fancy pillow cases.  A trial run of a sewing class I would like to offer this Summer to friends and their kiddos.  We shall see how my patience holds on if my idea will work.

sábado, 28 de marzo de 2015

Twin Day

My daughter and her girlfriend of the same first name have decided to dress up alike tomorrow for 'Twin Day'.  Yesterday, her friend came over to size up her wardrobe and to compare.

The realized that they have nothing (that would work) that is identical.  I did not see a reason to go out and purchase a new outfit just for the day, nor could I afford it ('cause it would have had to come out of my fabric budget!!!!).

I let them know that I would happily personalize t-shirts for them, with supplies I already had on hand.  Supplies contained 2-colors of iron on film, 2-white t-shirts, 1-Circut Expressions and 1-very hot iron.

Here is the success of my labors, kinda Suess don't ya think?

Now, I am just waiting for my daughter to get home from school so I can see her reaction.  Personally I am tickled with my results.

And my daughter LOVED them!  I even made up these cute little bows to go with them.

Here is the photo of my daughter ready for school.

sábado, 28 de febrero de 2015

Flock of Ugly Ducklings...

Funny, over at Simple Simon & Co. they are having a 'Can't judge an Ugly Vintage Pattern by it's Cover' Party.  I am still chuckling first because she had to clarify 'Vintage' for the parameters of the party, and set the 1990's as a freshness cutoff.  Personally the 60's and 70' are my vintage maybe even a few 80's.
    It spurred me to run up to my stash of newly acquired patterns that I shipped home this Summer from my (maternal) aunts' houses, during my vacation.  Some (most) of these music patterns were my Nani's.

While I was digging through their sewing items (rooms) and told them I wanted all their old patterns they were like.....,"What are you going to do with those, they are so old!?"

 My answer was almost exactly word for word the Elizabeths' title of her party.  

 Somewhere stashed in my house I have patterns from the 1950's to the present.

 I could only find a fraction of my patterns but even then I could not decide on the ugliest so I snapped some photos of the best contenders, and I kept in mind what I really would use by updating.

 I hate using patterns because of the tissue paper they print on, the older tissue does not tear and shred as easily, some of my GM's patterns have been transferred to interfacing.  I do not think that I have bought a NEW pattern in the last 10 years because of the tissue and no need.

So, which will be your pick for "Ugly Duckling"?  I think I will have to choose one for myself and make me a new 'do then post, just to prove you cannot always judge a pattern by it's cover.

domingo, 25 de enero de 2015

Silent Auction

It is carnival time again at my children's elementary school.  It is a big deal, the most important fundraiser for the PTA of the year.  This year I am in charge of organizing the 2nd grade's 'Lego' basket for the Silent Auction which inspired me to add my own contribution.   As the Carnival sneaks up on me, the music, I took the day to make a crib quilt.

I had no plan other than use what I had on hand and it came together quite easily.  I decided to donate as a little girl's blanket set.

The receiving blanket and spit cloth I had already finished some time ago but I was driven to do this quilt.  It was like it was telling me it needed to be made.

The topper is made from flannel that I had left over from blankets and I backed it in a white on white cotton print.  It is just so soft you just want to wrap it around you.