domingo, 28 de junio de 2015


There is definitely to the saying, "You can NEVER have too much fabric!"  The JoAnn's near me is moving to a much large location the first week of February, so the store has had a perpetual sale on for a month.  I happened to pop in there today (knowing the close was close) for some hardware pieces.

 I had no luck on the hardware but as I cruised the last few aisles of fabric bolts left, I noticed that they were marked down but not quit what I had hoped.  Being never the shy one I asked about the price.  I was giddy when the girl told me that the fabric was 90% off the lowest marked price!!!

Forget my twenty dollar budget, I started grabbing.  I ended up with approximately 75 yards of fabric, some I had been eyeing for months.  Half of my take was originally 12.99/yd originally.  I won't tell you how much I spent (in case it gets back to my hubby - okay, what the hey!) I spent $83 and change and saved over $640.00 by the time I waked to the car.

I am still a little lightheaded with giddiness.  I have all sorts of plans, mainly purses, pillows and jumpers.  I could have easily have filled up the back in of my SUV with bolts but the wallet was already hot.

 Most of the quilting fabrics had been picked over or moved to the new store.  I think it will last me the week (plus) till the new store opens.   Only, I forgot, I still have to go somewhere for the hardware!

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