sábado, 28 de febrero de 2015

Flock of Ugly Ducklings...

Funny, over at Simple Simon & Co. they are having a 'Can't judge an Ugly Vintage Pattern by it's Cover' Party.  I am still chuckling first because she had to clarify 'Vintage' for the parameters of the party, and set the 1990's as a freshness cutoff.  Personally the 60's and 70' are my vintage maybe even a few 80's.
    It spurred me to run up to my stash of newly acquired patterns that I shipped home this Summer from my (maternal) aunts' houses, during my vacation.  Some (most) of these music patterns were my Nani's.

While I was digging through their sewing items (rooms) and told them I wanted all their old patterns they were like.....,"What are you going to do with those, they are so old!?"

 My answer was almost exactly word for word the Elizabeths' title of her party.  

 Somewhere stashed in my house I have patterns from the 1950's to the present.

 I could only find a fraction of my patterns but even then I could not decide on the ugliest so I snapped some photos of the best contenders, and I kept in mind what I really would use by updating.

 I hate using patterns because of the tissue paper they print on, the older tissue does not tear and shred as easily, some of my GM's patterns have been transferred to interfacing.  I do not think that I have bought a NEW pattern in the last 10 years because of the tissue and no need.

So, which will be your pick for "Ugly Duckling"?  I think I will have to choose one for myself and make me a new 'do then post, just to prove you cannot always judge a pattern by it's cover.

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